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Wooden Hot Chocolate Whisk (Molinillo)


Molinillo (whisk) is a traditional, charming and decorative wooden utensil, widely used in Mexico for creating the precious foam on top of the hot chocolate (but also for champurrados and atoles). Hand-turned by the skilled masters in the State of Mexico and Oaxaca, in different shapes and sizes, from the smaller ones fit for a cup, to a large models used for the pots of chocolate. 

molinillo is used in a following way: place its carved head in the hot chocolate, and hold its smooth part of the handle between the palms of both hands. By rubbing the palms back and forth as fast as you can, the molinillo’s blades, rings and hollow parts rotate and create foam. A tip: molinillos with the bigger blades create more foam. 

L 30-37cm (12-15”)