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Worldwide Shipping

Mexico 1492 provides worldwide shipping

For all of you lovely people around the globe who love Mexico, its culture and products, we offer the worldwide shipping options.

In order to share the products that are affordable and spread the joyful spirit of Mexico as far as possible, we are keeping our product prices low without including any shipping costs, as the rates vary significantly depending on the continent and the country groupings that the shipping companies manage. Currently, we are only offering free shipping for the orders in Mexico City of $100 USD and above.

How Are the Shipping Rates Calculated

The weight of all products you select sums up at the checkout. The corresponding shipping rate will reflect as a separate line after you select the delivery method and country/Zip Code. For the moment, our only international shipping option is Express (3 days) through our trusted partner DHL.

Good news: If you would like to place a very large order that would weigh 50kg or more, please contact us at, so we can get a special quote with a lower rate from DHL.

Just in Case

If you have any questions or doubts related to shipping, please reach out to us over email ( or chat (link is available on our home page) and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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