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Volcanic Rock Serving / Cutting Board - Round


Have you ever served the freshly cut slices of tomato, avocado, some roasted chilies and rich, hot quesadillas on a raw, dark gray, volcanic stone board made from the millennial rocks of the great Popocatepetl volcano? Now you can.

Handmade by the rock carving masters from Puebla, this board can be used not only for serving and cutting, but also as a comal (heated on the fire of the stove, it can be a cooking surface).  

All volcanic rock pieces need to be properly prepared for use, and this board is no exception. Before the first use, it should be washed thoroughly using a brush without soap, until all the dust and small stone particles are washed away.

If you plan on using this board as a comal (as a cooking surface), after the first wash apply some cooking oil to the whole surface using a paper napkin, then place it over the stove with the burners on (or on top of the fire). In about 5 minutes, you shoud see the dark stains forming on the board surface. If after a while the staind become gray, apply some more oil and repeat the process. After 12 minutes, the board should be black. Clean the remaining oil and wipe with a wet cloth. Your comal is ready for use. 

Large: D 29-30cm (11.5-12”), H 2cm (0.75”), Weight 3 - 3.2 kg

Medium: 20cm (8”), H 2cm (0.75”), Weight 1.5kg

Small: D 15cm (6”), H 2cm (0.75”), Weight 1 kg