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Rutuales y Mitos del Maíz - Rituals and Myths of Corn - Artes de México


Set of 2 books.

Rituals of Corn. According to the Popol Vuh, people are made of corn. This may explain why cultures in many parts of Mexico observe a ritual cycle tied to the planting and harvesting of this grain. This issue explores some of the little-known facets of this tradition in our country.

Written by: Lizette Alegre, Neyra Patricia Alvarado, Miguel A. Bartolomé, Gonzalo Camacho, Mariano Gómez Méndez, Susana González, Yanna Hadatty Mora, Óscar Maldonado Méndez, Patricia Maldonado Núñez, Johannes Neurath, Emma Yanes. Coord.: Susana González Aktories.

Myths of Corn. Corn seems to germinate in the hearts of Mexicans. Countless myths revolve around this plant, lending a certain unity to this country’s diverse cultures. This issue provides a glimpse of Mexicans’ unlimited ingenuity when it comes to this generous plant.

Written by: Fernando Benítez, Luis Cardoza y Aragón, Julio Glockner, Andrés Henestrosa, Simon Martin, Mary Miller, Carlos Navarrete, Salvador Novo, Hernán Ruiz de Alarcón, Arturo Warman. Coord.: Susana González Aktories.

Bilingual edition (Spanish and English).