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Plantas Sagradas - Sacred Plants - Artes de México

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Sacred Plants The story of Mexico’s indigenous communities is based on their unique worldview. An important facet is the ritual use of entheogens –“that which generates the divine within”, according to R. Gordon Wasson- by healers and shamans in order to create the right environment to commune with the gods. Artes de México’s 127th issue illustrates how the use of mushrooms, peyote, and marijuana by indigenous communities goes far beyond the intoxicating effects most people seek. Along this journey, we explore how these plants are used by the Maya, Nahua, Mazatec, Huichol and Otomi, and the way in which their environment aligns with realities outside our own, enabling humans, spirits and gods to coexist on the same plane.

Written by: María de Lourdes Baez Cubero, María Benciolini, Antonella Fagetti, Mercedes de la Garza, María Gabriela Garrett Ríos, Julio Glockner, Lilián González, Arturo Gutiérrez del Ángel. Coordinador: Julio Glockner.

Bilingual edition (Spanish and English).