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Painted Clay Monkey Mezcal Bottle - Chango Mezcalero - Medium - Helado


Mezcal, the high alcohol content, famous, smokey liquor made from the agave plants, has been popular in Mexico for centuries. Between 1930 and 1940s, the Oaxacan artisans started making special clay vessels for storing and selling mezcal in the shape of a monkey, called "Chango Mezcalero" (Mezcal Monkey), as a wink to the well-known association between the monkeys and the drunkenness. 

The antique changos mezcaleros are highly sought collectibles today. The pieces we found are made mode recently, as a revival of the chango mezcalero driven by recent mezcal popularity around the world. However, even though these pieces are newer, they are remarkably well made from the traditional Oaxacan black clay, painted by hand. The pieces are matte, with a nice worn-out patina and vintage aura. Every piece is different - the colors, facial expressions, body positions and accessories vary, which makes every chango mezcalero unique.

Medium H 19cm / 7.5”