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Ocumicho: Vocación Fantástica - Ocumicho: A Fabled Craft - Artes de México


Ocumicho: A Fabled Craft. The residents and artisans of San Pedro Ocumicho in Michoacán have long used clay to shape the life of their community, thus leaving an imprint on Mexico and the rest of the world. In this issue, we examine the surprising, delirious, satirical forms of the “Devils of Ocumicho” and their cultural and historical significance. These painted clay sculptures—playful demons, Virgin Marys, historical figures, trees, whistles—betray the craft’s inspiration in unconventional fables that have been retold over generations.

Written by: Elizabeth Araiza, Eva María Garrido, Alfredo López Austin, Victoria Novelo, Louisa Reynoso, Marta Turok, F. Van Deren Coke.

Bilingual edition (Spanish and English).