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Máscaras: Rostros de la Alteridad - Masks: Faces of Otherness - Artes de México


Masks: Faces of Otherness. This issue of Artes de México explores the history, meaning and uses of masks among indigenous communities in Mexico. In these pages, anthropologists argue that, within the context of the ritual, masks are artifacts that open the door to other times and spaces, allowing those who wear them to establish relationships with beings from other realms. The experts take us with them on their travels to meet different ethnic groups in various regions around Mexico, showing us how these objects encapsulate their worldviews.

Written by: Natalia Gabayet, Paola García, Mariana Keisalo, Johannes Neurath, Alessandro Questa, Antonio Reyes Valdez, Leopoldo Trejo Barrientos. Coords.: Johannes Neurath y Alessandro Questa.

Bilingual edition (Spanish and English).