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Mango Wood Antique Piloncillo Mold - 4 Holes Candle Holder


Mexican piloncillo, also known as panela in Latin America, is a traditional form of raw sugar, dark brown and shaped like cone, made out of sugar cane juice using these antique wooden molds. As the industry progresses, these rustic antique molds are no longer in use for the piloncillo production. 

Today, the molds like these are used as candle holders. We were lucky to find these made out of mango wood, with 4 cone-shaped holes each and a very smooth finish. 

CAUTION: these items are made of wood, and as such they are flamable. It is highly recommended to never place a candle directly in the holes, or use tea candles. The candle must always be placed in a heat resistant glass first (like the traditional striped veladora glasses) then in the mold hole.
L 33 cm  (13”), H 12cm (4.7”), W 9cm (3.5”)