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Día de Muertos I & II - Day of the Dead I & II - Artes de México


Set of 2 books.

Day of the Dead I: Ritual Serenity. The indigenous celebration of the Day of the Dead is neither mournful nor whimsical. Rather, participants display a serenity of spirit when sharing food with their ancestors and an exuberant creativity in the decoration of altars and cemeteries.

Written by: Fernando Benítez, Ruth D. Lechuga, Dominique Dufétel, Mary Jane Gagnier, Gabriela Olmos, Laurette Séjourné, Gutierre Tibón, Marta Turok.

Day of the Dead II: Skulls and Laughter. The Day of the Dead in Mexico City has become a celebration where sorrow, laughter, skulls and sugar exist side by side. How did this tradition become invested with such unique characteristics.

Written by: Francisco de Ajofrín, Alfonso Alfaro, Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, Luis Cardoza y Aragón, José Tomás de Cuéllar, Ruth D. Lechuga, Ana García Bergua, Guillermo Prieto, Paul Westheim, Tomás Ybarra Frausto.

Bilingual edition (Spanish and English).