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Black Clay Tray for Serving Shot Glasses, Copitas and Jícaras


Shiny, smooth black clay tray, round with the high edges, ideal for presenting the mezcal or tequila shot glasses with slices of lemon, orange, some regular or worm salt. Handmade from the famous black Oaxacan clay, it is a perfect match to any of your black clay shot glasses or wide copitas.

Available in medium and large.

Large: D 18cm (7")

Medium: D 16cm (6")

The photos of the tray with shot glasses and copitas are for illustration only, glasses and copitas are not included; you can add the shot glasses or copitas of your choice here:

Black Clay Tequila/Mezcal Shot Glass - RoundBlack Clay Tequila/Mezcal Shot Glass - RectangularBlack Clay Tequila/Mezcal Shot Glass - TallBlack Clay Tequila/Mezcal Copita - Wide with Straight EdgesBlack Clay Tequila/Mezcal Copita - Wide with Curved Edges.