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Black Carved Gourd Tortillero


Painted and carved gourd, large enough to hold fresh, warm tortillas. In natural shades of green and brown or dyed white or black, carved by the skillful hands of the Oaxacan artisans, it will be a jewel of your table. 

Available through special order in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

Every piece is different and uneven, made of a naturaly grown gourd.

Also available in white and natural beige, and any other color through a special order. Large gourds are a seasonal produce, available only once a year, so the  turnaround time can be long. 

Large: H 27cm (11”), D 30cm (12”)

Medium: H 22-24cm (9-10”), D 25cm (10”)

Small: 15-20cm (6-8”), D 15-20cm (6-8”)