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Fiestas de Guerrero - Ancestral Rituals of Guerrero - Artes de México


Ancestral Rituals of Guerrero: The Renewal of Cohesion. The indigenous communities of Mexico and their ritual practices constitute the culture’s foundation, to which we are greatly indebted for the nation’s resilience and adaptability. The rituals of Guerrero are a prime example. Steeped in irrefutable references for their members and offering guiding principles that give their lives meaning, these rituals are structured in a particular way; they create, shape and define the community by way of cohesion. This issue sets out to rediscover these wondrous forms of cultural expression as a way of understanding them, and thus of recognizing their value.

Written by: Alfonso Alfaro, Aline Hémond, Danièle Dehouve.

Bilingual edition (Spanish and English).