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Red and green Mexican chili peppers on a burnished clay plate


Being the Mexican artisanal kitchen and tableware shop, what a better way to show appreciation and inspire the world to embrace the exuberant Mexican spirit than to have a blog where we talk about the delicious, spicy, finger-licking Mexican food, fiesta, recipes, drinks and cooking stories. Mexico 1492 - Cochinita pibil, red tomato, grilled green serrano chili peppers, squash blossom
Food in Mexico is either good, great or amazing. No matter where you go, from a street stand or a humble home, to the elite five-star restaurants, hosts will be kind and generous, and food will be delicious.

Mexico 1492 - avocado halves, sweet concha bread on black clay plate, chili peppers on colorful hand made table runner, blue quesadillaFor all those of you who have never been to Mexico, but dream of coming and learning more about this inspiring, inviting place with hundreds of kinds of sweet, thousands of variations of spicy and unmeasured imagination to combine it, this will sure motivate you to cook something colorful and rich, and bring in that whimsical, curious essence and soul of Mexico into your home.

And for those of you who remember it, and still crave for that early morning concha and café con leche in La Paroquia of Veracruz, the tastiest, stickiest piece of chicken with mole and sesame in Puebla, or that cool winter night you warmed up with a cup of hot, foamy champurrado in the Oaxaca City market, here is the chance to relive it all.

Mexico 1492 - Rec chili peppers on burnished clay plate, fresh hand made corn tortilla, green tomato, beat and orange juiceIn this blog within the Mexico 1492 store, we are trying to honor the wit, skill and imagination of millions of Mexican artisans that transformed our kitchens and tables. We'd like to share some of the eternal recipes that reflect the centuries of the pre-Hispanic traditions meeting the modern world and its influences, as well as some new, imaginative innovation masterpieces by hip chefs, and bring that wisdom closer to anyone who'd like to try it. 
Mexico 1492 - hand carved wooden tortilleros, red bell pepper and onion, blue corn hand made tortilla, oranges from the street stand

Unlike your host of this blog, our dear guest writers are experienced, knowledgeable chefs, restaurant and cooking school owners, but also many remarkable cooks and food enthusiasts that contribute daily to keeping the name of the Mexican cuisine up high – the cuisine that was included by UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010.

Mexico 1492 - wooden utensils in hand painted jar, sweet concha bread and green glazed plate, pomegranate and nogada sauce, red clay salsa bowl

Read along, get inspired, adorn your kitchen and table with Mexican arts and crafts that uplift your spirits, cook something delicious for yourself and your loved ones. (And start packing your bags).


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